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We focus on these key areas: Funding, Sustainability and Clinical and Recovery Excellence.  We do this via Corporate and Agency Technical Assistance, Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching and Leading-Edge Training.
Executive/Agency Consulting and Strategic Planning

​As former behavioral health provider and MCO corporate executives we know first hand the challenges and opportunities inherent in healthcare reform within both commercial insurance and public sector funding streams.  Our team of third party payer consultants also led provider agencies--many within recovery oriented systems.  Some have long and deep roots into the recovery community itself.  We saw, and continue to see, the challenges of compassionate, strongly mission driven providers desiring to position their agencies for long term fiscal solidity and sustainability while being true to their agency's mission.   Via Positiva can support CEOs, CFOs, Executive Directors and Clinical Directors through varying combinations of on-site walk-throughs, analysis and action plans-- particularly focusing on the customer experience; Claims, billing, insurance and contracting; Integration and systems planning; Marketing, outreach and training; Data, reporting and outcome measures; Implementation of evidence based practices when appropriate; and clinical and operational excellence.


Each agency leaves the initial phase of the consulting project with a clear strategic plan (Claims, billing and Insurance; Marketing, outreach, Research and Training; Data, EHR, IT and Outcome Measures; Clinical and Operational Excellence) with a step by step guide to implementation.


Some agency leaders opt for telephonic strategy sessions and individual on-going executive coaching.

Practitioner Coaching

Since the business side of behavioral health is inadequately covered, or is not covered at all, by most colleges and universities many newly graduated therapists, recovery coaches and other human service practitioners seek professional, supportive guidance in developing their new practice or agency.  Our highly experienced coaches help walk the practioner, step by step, into their new practice!  Practitioners learn how to start a new business including licensing, becoming insured, applying for insurance panels, billing options, telehealth, tracking outcomes and positioning for referrals.  Services are provided by coaches with long and successful track records in starting, maintaining and growing behavioral health agencies.


Additionally, experienced practioners may want to expand or enhance their practices with new services, populations or revenue streams and may not want to do it alone!  Our team focuses on analyzing the practice and the desired areas of expansion and growth and then equip and guide the practioner in their expansion. 


Typically these services are provided via skype, telephonically or in person.       




Our staff consists of nationally known behavioral health thought leaders, speakers and trainers who provide conference keynotes and plenary sessions along with on-site agency trainings and webinar presentations.  Our training team is committed to their own on-going recovery and wellness--so their audiences can feel their authenticity, compassion and enthusiasm for helping those who help individuals, families and communities recover from the effects of substance use and other mental health challenges.


Our Curriculum of Training Includes:

  • How Behavioral Health Funding Works and How to Make It Work For You

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Working With Behavioral Health Managed Care

  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, and Working With Third Party Payers

  • Prior Authorization and Utilization Review...Tips to Maximize the Process

  • Contracting, Credentialing and Working Effectively with Managed Care

  • Becoming A Trauma Informed Provider

  • Developing and Operating Within a Recovery Oriented System of Care

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Focusing and Mindfulness: The Next Generation in Client Centered Approaches

  • Customer Service And Improved Client Outcomes

  • Manuallized Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Treatment

  • Behavioral Health Ethics in Action

  • Managing Change Projects in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agencies

  • Becoming an LGBT responsive agency

  • Cultural Responsivity and Consumer Choice

  • Trauma and Financial Recovery

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